Electronic Keyboard Libraries for the Korg Kronos

EXs-157 MKS-EP

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Introduced in 1986 as one of the first digital piano modules, this popular device was widely used by stage performers during the 1980s and beyond. Unlike the majority of the digital piano products that followed, it did not utilize sampling for sound generation but rather relied on a unique form of sound synthesis resulting in sounds that are sought after to this day. The module contained eight instruments: PIANO 1, PIANO 2, PIANO 3, E.PIANO 1, E.PIANO 2, VIBRAPHONE, CLAVI and HARPSICHORD. To augment the base sound of the instruments, stereo chorus and/or tremolo effects could be applied. The Purgatory Creek Soundware MKS-EP was deeply sampled at up to six velocity levels recorded for full duration, so you will hear neither loops nor artificial envelope decays.
The sample-set requires 1.8GB of RAM or 54MB using virtual memory. 33 programs are provided.

This library is available for free at the Korg Web Store.

Now available at the Korg Web Store
EXs157 Soundcloud Demos

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