String-based Keyboard Libraries for the Korg Kronos

EXs-42 Clavinet D6

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Each of the four Clavinet D6 pickup settings were sampled at eight velocity levels, for full duration. The multi-mode filter within the HD-1 engine was used to simulate the four tone settings yielding all 60 possible tone variations available on the D6.

The Purgatory Creek Soundware D6 requires 1GB of SSD space and uses 37MB of RAM when streamed from SSD. 87 programs are included.

New Updated Version 1.1
  • Improved Dynamics
  • Improved Release Sample Response
  • Incorporates new Vintage Wah Effect
  • Note: this version does not use Korg's authorization: You will use the new KSC and PCG files instead.
Download Updated Version 1.1

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EXs-145 Clavinet C

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The Clavinet C was made famous by Stevie Wonder’s recording of Superstition. It was the predecessor to the more common D6 and E7. The Purgatory Creek Soundware Clavinet C provides 8+ sustain velocity layers for each of the four Clavinet pickup settings, in addition to a release sample layer. Each layer was recorded for full duration, providing an accurate sound with no artificial decay envelopes or sample loops.

The sample-set requires 1.8GB of RAM or 54MB using virtual memory. 31 programs are provided.

Now available at the Korg Web Store
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EXs-143 CP70b

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The electro-mechanical piano, upon which this sample-set is based, used actual strings rather than tines or reeds giving it a sound closer to a traditional piano, yet still unique. The Purgatory Creek Soundware CP70b was deeply sampled at 10 velocity levels recorded for the full duration, so you will hear neither loops nor artificial envelope decays. In addition, nearly every note was sampled.

The sample-set requires 1.6GB of RAM or 30MB using virtual memory. 15 programs are included.

Now available at the Korg Web Store
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EXs42 Clavinet D6
EXs145 Clavinet C
EXs143 CP-70b