Fretted Instrument Libraries for the Korg Kronos

EXs-155 E-Basses

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The two electric basses found in this collection have been the most admired bass instruments in popular music for many decades. The P-Bass is a single pickup model while the J-Bass includes two pickups. The three pickups were independently recorded. The Purgatory Creek Soundware E-Basses were deeply sampled at six velocity levels recorded for the full duration, so you will hear neither loops nor artificial envelope decays. Each note of the instruments was sampled. Additionally, harmonics as well as typical instrument noises are included.

The sample-set requires 1.6GB of SSD but uses only 34MB of virtual memory. 26 programs are provided.

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EXs155 Soundcloud Demos

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EXs155 E-Basses J-Bass Neck
EXs155 E-Basses P-Bass