The Jensen Guitar Collection includes both acoustic and electric models. Included are some truly excellent guitars with numerous layers, articulations and effects. Purgatory Creek Soundware obtained a special commercial license of the libraries in order to provide it to Korg Kronos users. Please note that these samples are not in the public domain and Jensen Samples retains all rights to ownership of the samples.

You can find out more about the Jensen Guitar Samples at their website.

Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic Guitars include:

  • Handmade German Framus Guitar. Single String Instrument is a sample set with 3 velocity layers. The highest layer is recorded with slide-on and wide vibrato. Chords are also included.
  • Handmade '72 Classical Guitar. Single notes in four velocity layers and major and minor chords. Includes various slides, glissandos and other effects.
  • 12-String Acoustic Guitar. The 12-string Acoustic Guitar is a sample set with both single notes (in two velocity layers) and major and minor chords.
  • Little Martin Chords. The small bodysize gives the guitar a bright sound, and it is a good choice in a crowded mix. The Acoustic Guitar Chords Instrument is a sample set with major, minor, dominant 7, sus4 and add9 chords. All samples are recorded in stereo.

Chord mapping for the Framus and Little Martin are as follows:
  • B0: Muted strum
  • C1 - B1: Minor Chords
  • C2 - B2: Major Chords
  • C3 - B3: Dominant 7
  • C4 - B4: Sus4
  • C5 - B5: add9
  • C6 - B6: Major 7
Mapping for the Classical Guitar is as follows:
  • G0 - B0: Effects
  • C1 - F#4: Single Notes
  • G4 - B4: Effects
  • C5 - B5: Major Chords
  • C6 - B6: Minor Chords

Octave up (sw#1) and down (sw#2) allow access to the full range of chords and effects.
Electric Guitars
The Electric Guitar Collection includes:

  • Gibson Hollow Body DI (Direct Input). Warm and jazzy sound. Recordings of the direct signal from the neck-pickup. Major and minor chords, glissandos, muted strums and fret noise included.
  • Jazz Guitar. Warm and jazzy sound. Gibson Hollow Body Guitar played thru a vintage tube amp. Major and minor chords, glissandos and fret noise included.
  • Fender Stratocaster DI (Direct Input). The Direct Fender Stratocaster Instrument is a sample set with recordings of the direct signal.
  • Fender Stratocaster->SideKick Amp. The Fender Stratocaster Instrument is a sample set with recordings of a 95 american Fender Stratocaster, played trough a Fender Side-Kick 30 amp and with a touch of overdrive. A very basic SoundFont without any fuss - just a pure, authentic sound.
  • Fender Stratocaster->Leslie. Fender Stratocaster recorded thru an old Leslie 760. Two separate files (fast and slow rotation).
  • Electric Guitar Power Chords with distortion. Very simple but effective instrument. Glissandos and fret noise included.
  • Fender Stratocaster with Dunlop Crybaby Wha-wha. Mono recordings of the the middle pickup. Most suitable for rock/blues.
  • Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion Chords. Chords played on a Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion. Major, dominant 7, minor and sus4 chords.
Mapping for the Howard Roberts Chords are as follows:
  • C2 - B2: Major Chords
  • C3 - B3: Dominant 7 Chords
  • C4 - B4: Minor Chords
  • C5 - B5: Sus4

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Framus Acoustic Demo
Classical Guitar Demo
Gibson Hollow Body Demo
DI Strat Demo
Power Chords Demo

Please note, the audio demos were taken directly from the Jensen Samples website and might sound somewhat different than the same samples programmed on the Kronos.

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