Volume #1 and #2 of the Famous Synth Sound Collection for the Korg Kronos. These were created primarily from scratch largely using the powerful AL-1 virtual analog engine on the Kronos.

Most of the programs include drum tracks that fit the song and tempo. You can use these for practice or performances. Please read through the performance notes (found in the ZIP file) when available as they make sense of how I intended the programs to be played. If no performance notes are available, the program should be played straight up.

Alphabetical Listing

a-ah: Take On Me Lead
a-ah: Take On Me Bass
Alan Parsons: Separate Lives
Alan Parsons: Sirius
Animotion: Obsession

Bad English: See U Smile
Bee Gees: Nights on Broadway Bass
Berlin: Metro
Berlin: Take Your Breath Away
Blondie: Heart of Glass

Carnes: Betty Davis Eyes
Cars: Drive
Cars: Just What I Needed
Cars: Let’s Go
Collins: Against All Odds
Collins: Another Day in Paradise
Collins: Softpad
Collins: Sussudio
Collins: Take Me Home
Corea: Leads

Dobbie Brothers: Minute by Minute
Duran Duran: Hold Back the Rain
Duran Duran: Save a Prayer

ELP: Aquatarkus
ELP: From the Beginning
ELP: Lucky Man
ELP: Trilogy
Europe: Final Countdown
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams

Faltemeyer: Axel Bass
Faltemeyer: Axel Chords
Faltemeyer: Axel Lead
Faltemeyer: Fletch Brass
Faltemeyer: Fletch Lead
Foreigner: Cold as Ice
Foreigner: Know What Love Is
Foreigner: Waiting for a Girl Like You 1
Foreigner: Waiting for a Girl Like You 2
Four Voice Brass

Gabriel: Shock the Monkey
Genesis: Follow You, Follow Me
Genesis: In the Cage

Hammer: Crockett’s Theme
Hammer: Oh Yeah Lead
Hancock: Chameleon Bass
Hancock: Rockit
Howard Jones: New Song

Japan: Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids
Joel: Just the Way You Are
Journey: Don’t Stop Believing
Journey: Faithfully
Journey: Send Her My Love
Journey: Separate Ways

Kraftwerk: Das Modell
Kraftwerk: Home Computer

Lauper: All Through the Night
Lauper: Time after Time

Madonna: Holiday Synth
Madonna: Lucky Star
Mays: American Garage
Mays: Chris Lead
MGMT: Time to Pretend
Miller: Fly Like an Eagle
MJ: Thriller Chords
MJ: Thriller Bass
Mr. Mister: Kyrie 1
Mr. Mister: Kyrie 2

Nena: 99 Luftballons Bass
Nena: 99 Luftballoons Pad/Lead
New Order: Perfect Kiss 1
New Order: Perfect Kiss 2
Numan: Cars Lead
Numan: R Friends Electric

OMD: Electricity
OMD: Enola Gay

Palmer: Addicted to Love
Pink Floyd: On the Run
Pink Floyd: Shine on Diamond
Pink Floyd: Welcome Machine
Prince: 1999

Rush: Camera Eye
Rush: Sawyer Solo
Rush: Subdivisions
Rush: Tom Sawyer Bass

Seal: Crazy (Intro)
Seal: Crazy Chords
Spandau Ballet: True Bass
Spandau Ballet: True Pads
Springsteen: Dancing in the Dark
Springsteen: I’m on Fire
Styx: Babe
Styx: Fooling Yourself
Supertramp: Goodbye Stranger
Supertramp: Logical Song
Summers: I Feel Love

Tears for Fears: Head over Heels
Tears for Fears: Head over Heels
Tears for Fears: Rule the World
Toto: Africa Brass

Ultravox: Vienna

Van Halen: 1984
Van Halen: Jump
Vangelis: Brass Pads

Walsh: Life’s Been Good
Weather Report: A Remark You Made
Weather Report: Birdland Bass
Weather Report: Birdland Brass
Weather Report: Birdland Lead
Weather Report: Black Market Lead
Weather Report: Scarlet Woman
Williams: Let’s Hear it for the Boy
Who: Baba O’Riley
Who: Baba O’Riley alt
Who: Won’t Get Fooled Again
Winter: Frankenstein
Winwood: When You See a Chance
Wonder: Living for the City

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Volume #1 Demo
Volume #2 Demo