Mark V



User Antonio Antetomaso was kind enough to create this update with new graphics, effects and programming for the Mark V.  You can see some of his excellent work in the picture below.  Please note, this version REQUIRES KONTAKT 5, and like the original, requires the full version and will only run in demo mode in the Kontakt Player.  Many thanks Antonio!!!

The Mark V, introduced in 1984, was the last revision of famous electric piano produced by the original Rhodes Company.  It included many enhancements that resulted in a truly excellent instrument.


This particular piano was set up by master Rhodes tech David Ell.  Among many other adjustments, David installed new hammer tips to give it that factory-fresh sound.  The Purgatory Creek Mark V was sampled at 20 sustain/release velocity layers.

The Purgatory Creek Mark V is available in Native Instruments Kontakt 3/4/5 and Avid Structure formats.  Download size is 1.2GB.

The Purgatory Creek Mark V 20v is DONATION-WARE.  If you use it and enjoy it, please donate!

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